Signs of an Imbalance

Signs of Hormonal Imbalances:
Weight gain, Chronic fatigue, Depression, Insomnia, Hot flashes, Acne, Low libido (and let me tell you this is definitely part of the “aging” process).
But don’t fret, there are things you can do to help remedy these!
Food Fixes – Cut out sugar. Minimize alcohol. Eliminate gluten.
Goal: 80% veggies, 20% protein. Minimize caffeine.
Home Fixes – Say bye to toxic cleaners and fluoride. Clean your home with natural products.
Body Fixes – Go organic – body & hair products. Detox. Exercise. Engage in sexual activity.
Mind Fixes – Meditation. Say hello to Positivity. Learn to focus.
Spirit Fixes – Find your inner peace and build on it. Say bye to the toxic people in your life.
Need more help?  I can customize a plan to get you back in balance.

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