Why You Should Lift Weights

IMG_5543There are a lot of myths (especially for women) about fitness.  One of the biggest myths is that lifting weights will make you bulky.  That just isn’t true. Most women don’t have the genetic make-up to be “bulky.”  But the benefits of strength training, and in particular weight lifting far outweighs (pardon the pun) the fear of bulking up.

So why should you (women especially) include weight lifting or strength training in your fitness routine?  Well, if you are trying to lose weight – or more importantly inches and tone up your body, strength training is the fastest and most effective way to do it.  When you do an intense weight-training program, your metabolism stays elevated and you continue to burn fat for several hours afterward. During regular cardio exercise, you stop burning fat shortly after the workout.

IMG_7737The less muscle you have, the slower your metabolism will be. As women age, they lose muscle at increasing rates, especially after the age of 40. When you diet without doing resistance training, up to 25 percent of the weight loss may be muscle loss.  Weight training while dieting can help you preserve and even rebuild muscle fibers. The more lean mass you have, the higher your metabolism will be and the more calories you’ll burn all day long.

Strength training also makes you strong.  Not only for your workouts, but stronger overall.  I mean how many times do you have to get assistance to open a jar of salsa?  None…I can do it myself. All joking aside, as we age, it is important to have strength to get through our normal everyday activities.  It will help us with walking and getting around as well as carrying our groceries in to cleaning the house or doing yard work. If you want to be active in your life as you get older, you need to strength train.  It protects your body and can help ward off osteoporosis.

That’s not all…strength training helps you avoid injury.  Because you are strengthening your ligaments and tendons along with your muscles, you are keeping these vital tissues from breaking down.  As we age, our bone tissues break down and we lose it at a faster pace than in our younger years. If you live a sedentary life, the loss of these tissues is even greater.  And of course women who have reached or are post menopausal, the risk of tissue loss is greater. Strength training is really the best way to enhance total bone strength that includes our bone tissues.

And for me, as I researched why I should lift weights or do strength training, here is what I found (that make me giddy):  strength training helps with inflammation. There are studies that have shown that strength training as reduced inflammation.  And I am all about that…especially during this peri-menopausal phase of life.  It also helps with balance, focus, and overall well-being. When you add strength training to your life (or fitness routine), your health will improve.  

Do you need guidance with a fitness program (and don’t want to scroll through a bunch of YouTube videos)? Fill out the information below and I will help you find the program that best fits you, your goals, and your lifestyle.

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