There is an abundance of opportunity.  I never really looked at it that way. I always looked at opportunity as it’s for someone else, that I’m not the “right” person or too “busy.” Of course those are excuses led by fear.  They are a safe way to not live your life. They are there to blame, so you don’t have to go out on the ledge and take a leap of faith.

Putting all that aside, let’s talk a bit about opportunity.  Today’s world is SO much different than when I started down the career deciding (and changing) road. Thirty (plus) years ago, you either started a job right out of high school, that you planned to stay until you retired, or you went to college to get a degree in a field that would be your career for the Rest. Of. Your. Life.   But things changed. When poor economic times were upon us, more people took risks to create their own futures and wealth doing what they were not only skilled at, but passionate about. And that began to become a thing. NOW, you see it all over the place. People finding their purpose and passion and creating their own future.  Offering their skills, expertise, products and services to others through multiple platforms. Entrepreneurship has literally taken the world by storm.

But this isn’t a business article, really.  This is a way to get to know me a little bit more.  I used the excuses, many times to not take opportunities (some coming to me on the proverbial silver platter).  It took a total change in my health (yes, my health) to finally have faith in myself to take an opportunity to share my passion.  I am so passionate about helping people live their best lives and be the best version of themselves. That led me to a teaching career.  But I would have to say that I didn’t always “practice what I preached.” I allowed stress to dominate my life while I tried to navigate being a mom to an emotionally challenged boy.  I personally didn’t take care of myself which led to some pretty poor outcomes for my health.

But then an opportunity came my way. I was already trying to be more positive and had done some research on a total nutrition overhaul. A friend of mine extended an opportunity.  Just a simple join me for 21 days for a health and fitness accountability group. It sounded reasonable, because there was a money-back guarantee and I trusted my friend. So instead of doing what I usually do…I said, “yes.” It was the best decision I could have made for my health.  Yes I lost weight and inches, but I gained so much more. I gained a whole new set of positive friends. I gained a whole lot of self confidence. I gained a better mindset. I had no idea how much I was missing in my own life. I not only found a family of the most encouraging, loving people, I found me.  I found my courage to share my passion.

So when the opportunity to help others find themselves, find their best selves through a healthy lifestyle that can improve ALL areas of their lives came to me, I said, “yes.” I didn’t use my age, circumstances, job, or anything else be my excuse.  It really is NEVER too late. If an opportunity is in front of you and you are kind of wanting it, kind of curious, but maybe a bit scared just say “yes.” Even if you find it’s not exactly right for you, you will know. You will have regret if you don’t.

Oh, and here’s a tip about the naysayers. Tune them out.  Don’t let them take away your sparkle or enthusiasm for your leap of faith. Work your a$$ off and prove them wrong. But do it with a sincere smile on your face and kindness in your heart, because they will want to join you and build their own dreams.

So here it is.  Opportunity. Right here. Let’s Talk.


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