Shakeology: The Facts


It’s no secret that I drink Shakeology every single day.   And I have been drinking it, every single day since August of 2015.  Yes, I am more than willing to spend the money for this nutrient dense superfood (more on that later).  Here’s what it has done for me (and the science behind it).

Beachbody has done its research.  In a clinical study, drinking Shakeology has reduced cravings and helped those in the study eat fewer calories.  That’s pretty remarkable.  The study compared those drinking Shakeology to those drinking another shake with the same calories.  After thirty minutesIMG_7065 those who drank Shakeology ate 180 calories less than those drinking the other shake…so what does that even mean?  That all shakes are not created equally.

I know that to be true.  I used to drink a higher calorie protein shake every day.  I liked it.  I thought I would always drink it.  It was organic and tasted great and it kept me pretty full.  But I also needed more nutrients, so I took supplements.  (I literally hate taking pills).  When I was introduced to Shakeology, I was convinced I wouldn’t like it and it wouldn’t do for me what I was already drinking. (I liked that I could return it for a full refund, even if I consumed all of it).  After a month of drinking this superfood, I was hooked.  I felt better than I had in a long time…hmm, why was that?

First, Shakeology isn’t a protein shake.  It so much more.  It has about 18g of protein (depending on flavor), but it has phytonutrients, prebiotics, probiotics, fiber, and good fat. It has all the supplements I need in ONE shake.  No more swallowing pills.  My body’s systems (finally) work the right way.  My digestive system works better than ever, my immune system is like a steel door, I have more energy, and am more regular (yep that really was a problem for me).

Obviously my improved health isn’t solely contributed to Shakeology.  I adopted a healthy eating plan and exercise regimen. What I will say though, is this shake decreases my cravings of foods I used to not be able to resist.  It keeps me from overdoing it.  And when I do get sick, which is a rare cold now and then, I recover in record time. It has also helped me maintain my weight loss.  Is it the only thing, no, but without it I don’t think I would be where I am today.


So now let’s talk about price…because that’s the biggest objection I get when I talk about this shake.  First, I don’t have to buy multivitamins, calcium supplements, prebiotics or probiotics that are really necessary for my health because it’s all in my Shakeology. Second, with my boosted immune system, I don’t go to the doctor as often or need antibiotics or other medications, so that saves me money.  Third, I save at the grocery store because it’s part of my meal or snack, so I am buying less food.  Fourth, because I crave less junk food, I don’t buy it at the store…that equals savings.  My final thought on the price is this:  I would rather pay more now so that my health is in the best condition now than pay later for medicines and procedures because my health is failing.  I don’t want to grow older and not be able to live abundantly.  If I don’t take care of me now…my future will be laden with sickness and the lack of ability to live a fulfilling life.  So I am willing to pay the less than $4 a day to give my body the nutrients it needs and help me maintain a healthy weight, so I can have the future of my dreams.

IMG_1002     If you would like to give Shakeology a try…send me this message: I would like to try Shakeology.

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