transformation butterfly

Transformation:  a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.  

I know, I know…not another blog, post, picture of transformation from some health and fitness coach.  Well, it is, but it isn’t. Stick with me for a minute…

The word transformation is popular this time of year…and every health and wellness company is using it as though they have the magic that will bring you transformation.  But honestly it’s all bullshit. Yes I said bullshit. Even me when I say the products I use and the workouts I do can transform you…it’s bullshit. Wait…What am I saying?  Am I a fraud? Uh…No…but…

…Transformation can’t happen without you.  It cannot happen unless YOU want it to. It can’t happen unless YOU put in the work. Transformation is change that happens from within YOU…yes it can change your appearance (if your transformation is physical), but it all starts in your heart.  The core of who you are (or who you want to become) is the breeding ground for any transformation. Let’s get one thing straight..there is no magic, fairy dust, pill, horoscope, numerology, prayer or universal meditation that will bring you transformation. You cannot think or wish it into being…You have to do to be.

I know…that sounds a little off-putting, especially when I say you cannot pray transformation into being…you can’t.  I pray, everyday. And God puts transformation on my heart, everyday. God doesn’t just give it to me, though. He knows that for the transformation He wants to give me, I have to work for it.  He knows that if I put in the work, it will last, and provide me with the joy, confidence, self love, and perseverance I need for the next transformation. You see for me, one transformation leads to another, because I am always striving to be the best version of me that I can be.  So, I am thankful for my quiet time with God because He can nudges me in the direction I need to go to put in the work for a beautiful transformation.

Okay, how in the heck do you get to transformation?  First and foremost you have to visualize what it is you want.  And don’t visualize it now, visualize it as it is already accomplished.  What does it look like, but focus on what it will feel like when you have transformed.  Let’s say you want to have a more loving and caring relationship with your significant other.  When you visualize it, feel the laughter, joy and love in your heart. Visualize the two of you spending special time together, holding hands, sharing a special moment – feel his/her hand in yours or the gentle caress.  When you tie feelings and emotions to what you want to change, it makes putting in the work a lot easier. I also suggest creating a visual that you can keep with you and look at twice a day, once when you get up in the morning and once before you go to bed.  This way you start with the focus on your transformation and end your day with that visualization. By doing this you will become more positive about it which will keep you motivated to continue to put in the work – the steps that you will need to create, write down, memorize, etc. to go after that transformation.

Transformation, I guess I would say is kind of my specialty (and not just physical).  I have learned over the years that I have to have it in my heart first and that I have to put in the work (even on the days I’d rather not).  So what I want you to know is that I’m here to help. I am here to help you find a way and hold you accountable to put in the work. I will help you find it within you to get there.  Because I know you can.

Yes…help me with my transformation journey:


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