How to be More Confident

You might not believe me when I say that I struggle with self confidence.  Yep, I do sometimes. I know that I will put myself out there and post my workout video or a sweaty selfie, or even do my mindset videos with no make-up.  If this were a few years ago, there would be no way I would do it. But after I learned a few tricks, I feel a lot more confident. Here’s what I do:

Meditate:  Yes…I meditate and yes it helps me with my confidence.  When I take time for meditation dogmyself and open myself up to the universe, I am able to focus on what I am fearful of (or what’s holding me back.  Here’s my technique:

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable place (with no interruptions) to sit and clear my mind of distractions.
  2. Sit comfortably; no it doesn’t mean I sit on the floor in some pretzel yoga pose.  Any comfortable seating will do…that will allow you to clear your mind and be open to the universe.
  3. Set a timer (if necessary) for 10 minutes.  And sit quietly.
  4. During that time ask the universe to give you messages and ask for what you want.
  5. Be quiet, clear your mind, be open-minded to receive messages from the universe.
  6. When the time is up, thank the universe.

You might think this all sounds like voodoo, but it isn’t.  My universe is God, and my meditation is in prayer. I truly believe, though, when you clear your mind and connect with your universe (my God) you can receive its blessings.

Self Affirmations: things that will help you believe in you.  Say these affirmations to yourself several times OUT LOUD. You need to hear them. Maybe you are wanting or needing a raise from your boss.  You can tell yourself, “I am worthy of a raise. I am a valuable employee that contributes skills, leadership, and teamwork. I will continue to take opportunities that fits my goals. I am able to have a conversation with my boss that points out my value, skills, and contributions toward earning a raise.”

Exercise: don’t be a skeptic, this really does boost confidence.  When you exercise, you will quickly make improvements or reach goals, which will in turn boost your confidence. For example, you decide you want to run a 5K, even though you’ve never run a day in  your life (excluding chasing down the ice cream truck). So you start by walking 2 miles. Then, in a week, you walk for two minutes, jog for one. In the next week you are walking one minute and jogging two.  At the end of a couple of months, you are running 5K. Each time you increase what you do, it improves your confidence. And exercise releases these happy little endorphins that helps your be positive…and that of course will help you be more confident.

Believe it or not, this is a one-size-fits-all way to boost confidence.  I know that if you put these things into action in your life, you will see your confidence level improve. So I challenge you to try it out for 3 weeks (that’s 21 days)…because then it will be a habit and then you will be on your way to a happier more confident you.


**Note:  If you need guidance with meditation, affirmations, or exercise plans, reach out by filling out the information below.

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